The Top 10 Places In India To Celebrate Valentine's Day

Here's a little something from us to make your Valentine's Day celebration more fulfilling while you're planning a gift for your significant other.

The Top 10 Places In India To Celebrate Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, there has never been a better moment to let the sparks fly. Since Valentine’s Day occurs on a weekend this year, you won’t have to worry about skipping work or restricting your special day to just a dinner date. Whisk your spouse away to a beautiful spot in India and prepare the most romantic weekend. In India, there are many sites to visit on Valentine's Day. There are lots of locations to explore on Valentine's Day, regardless of your preference for beaches or mountains. You may take in a breathtaking sunrise together when you wake up next to each other, or you can hold hands and talk as you take in a breathtaking sunset.

Here's a little something from us to make your Valentine's Day celebration more fulfilling while you're planning a gift for your significant other. Earn miles on your flight reservation when you book with InterMiles.

See some of the top destinations in India for Valentine's Day celebrations.


Minicoy, located in Lakshadweep's southern region, is a unique destination that is particularly appealing to couples. Your trip will be made more romantic by the vibrant reefs, white sands, and azure blue ocean. One of the nicest Valentine's Day spots that will also give you the much-needed seclusion is Minicoy. If you both love the beach, get a place to stay that's closer to the water.


You won't have to second-guess visiting the hill station because Ooty is already well-known as a honeymoon location of choice. Reserve a romantic hotel, villa, or resort with the greatest view for your morning meals. Pick between a leisurely meal and slow dance after evening or a trek in the morning. Not to add, it's the perfect location for recreating some famous Bollywood scenes. Put on your finest attire and snap a ton of adorable photos together. Because of the nice weather in February, it's also the best time to visit Ooty.



Nainital is another well-liked destination for couples. For Valentine's Day, this charming tiny hill station is the perfect location. Take a boat ride or just take in the tranquil scenery this location has to offer. Engaging in some couple-friendly activities while you're here is a fantastic alternative. Nainital is an amazing spot to be at during Valentine’s Day.



Manali is the ideal destination for a Valentine's Day trip if you both enjoy visiting hill stations. You and your companion can enjoy a variety of pair activities, such as paragliding, skiing, and trekking. If you just want to unwind, choose a place to have dinner and take in the beautiful scenery with your significant other. There will undoubtedly be an air of love at this wonderful location. Manali's vista alone can lend a touch of romance to your journey, regardless of whether you enjoy having adventures together or just lounging in each other's arms.



Another well-liked location for honeymoons is Shimla, which is not distant from Delhi. Numerous lodging options are available with breathtaking views. It's the perfect spot to spend Valentine's Day, and your significant other will appreciate you even more for choosing this location. There are tourist sites to see, walks that might be taken, camping areas with activities like stargazing and bonfires, and many more such pleasures! Shimla is an excellent destination for a weekend trip, however you may wish to stay longer.



Alleppey is among the top destinations to visit on Valentine's Day. A boathouse, magnificent sunsets, and the backwaters combine to create the ideal setting for a romantic Valentine's Day date night. Couples are beginning to frequent Alleppey more often because of its idyllic boathouse location! Additionally, exploring Alleppey's backwaters and taking in the serene atmosphere is a really calming experience.



One of the most well-liked southern honeymoon destinations is Munnar, a hill resort in Kerala. The main draws here are the enormous tea plantations and the waterfalls. Every nook and cranny of Munnar exudes romanticism. Enjoy a wonderful supper and a lovely song while you serenade your lover. Of course, you may also take a pleasant hike to see the well-known waterfalls here.



Goa would undoubtedly be the first destination that comes to mind if your pair like going out to parties, and for good reason. You can just have fun on the beach together, or you can dance till dawn. If you wish to spend some alone time together, Goa has a good number of private beaches.


Kashmir's many attractions include glistening lakes, snow-capped mountains, mouthwatering cuisine, and the ability to cuddle up in a shikara while taking in the breathtaking scenery. It's among the top destinations for Valentine's Day travel.



For a romantic and unwinding weekend getaway, Mussoorie is an excellent choice for Valentine's Day travel. With abundant greenery all year round, it is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts to travel.

Although Valentine's Day isn't necessary to honor love, you should take advantage of the occasion to create a unique gift for each other.

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