India's Top 5 Instant Grocery Delivery Apps in 2024

Zepto versus Swiggy Compare Instamart, Blinkit, Dunzo Daily, and BBNow. The arrival of Quick Commerce! View the top Indian apps for same-day grocery delivery in 2024.

India's Top 5 Instant Grocery Delivery Apps in 2024

Zepto versus Swiggy Compare Instamart, Blinkit, Dunzo Daily, and BBNow. The arrival of Quick Commerce! View the top Indian apps for same-day grocery delivery in 2024.

Thanks to online supermarket delivery applications, placing shopping orders is now simple. Additionally, Instant Grocery Delivery has launched, promising delivery in as little as 10 minutes. Additionally, a lot of same-day delivery applications and two-hour services are accessible. You may also check out our list of the Top 9 Indian Apps for Online Grocery Ordering (Same/Next Day Delivery), which features JioMart, DMart Ready, BigBasket, StarQuik, Amazon Fresh, and other popular apps.

Did 10-minute grocery delivery a Gimmick?

Quick Commerce has been implemented by online FMCG companies to enable instantaneous delivery to their clientele. But isn't it difficult to believe someone who promises a delivery in ten minutes? Although it will take time to establish full-fledged, it is accurate in certain circumstances.

The majority of the fast grocery delivery apps have delivery times that range from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your area. In certain instances, orders are delivered in as little as seven or eight minutes. Delivery takes more than 30 minutes because of traffic on the roads, security inspections at buildings and in the community, multiple entry points, and undesired problems.

How is it feasible to have 10-minute grocery delivery instantly?

Businesses have fulfillment centers, or dark storefronts, every two kilometers in the targeted areas. All of the groceries that you view on the app before placing an order are available at these retailers. As a result, as soon as you place your order, the fulfillment team gets to work rapidly preparing it and giving it to the courier.

Dunzo intends to expedite this procedure by establishing an automated fulfillment center. In order to keep ahead of its competitors and guarantee incredibly quick delivery to customers, they are also preparing for drone deliveries. It's intriguing, though, that Dunzo currently gets his groceries from affiliated retail establishments.

Why is there a 10-minute grocery delivery service available here? Why is it necessary?

In the FMCG industry, companies have come to the realization that Quick Commerce is the way to go because to its frequent requirement, high consumption, and consumer desire. For this, the middle-class and upper-class public is their primary focus.

There are several situations in which same-day grocery delivery is quite beneficial. See a few of them down below.

At your house, you're throwing a party. It's almost time for dinner, but you notice there are a few essentials lacking.

After a long day, you are exhausted and heading home to prepare a delicious dinner for your family. Making orders while traveling is quite helpful.

You are someone who likes to cook whatever is in season or who makes snap decisions at the last minute on what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

They are currently expanding around the nation and offering enormous discounts and bargains.


5 Grocery Delivery in 2024

Let's now examine the top-rated instant grocery delivery apps in India for 2024 that are generating talk. Another option is the 90-minute Fresh & Fast grocery delivery service offered by Nature's Basket. Due of its continued low scale, it is not included on this list.

Swiggy Instamart

Swiggy, a well-known meal delivery app, runs Swiggy Instamart. Swiggy Instamart deals and coupons are the greatest feature of this app for instant grocery delivery. "Coupons for you" is the first thing you see when you access the Instamart section. Discounts, complimentary delivery, bank promotions, and pocket cashback are all included. A Swiggy One membership is also available for purchase, offering unlimited free delivery for orders above ₹199, unique discounts on over 1000 popular Instamart items, and no surge fees—even on holidays, during busy hours, and in the rain. Additionally, there is the Swiggy One Lite membership plan.


Zepto is an app for 10-minute grocery delivery. Zepto Cash is its own digital wallet. Although they are scarce in bank and wallet offerings, Zepto coupons and bargains are well-liked in the online grocery market. Additionally, it offers a 25% discount on orders for both referrals and referees through the Zepto recommend & earn program. These days, Zepto also offers electronics!


With support from Zomato, the well-known online grocery delivery app Grofers is now Blinkit. The distinction is that Blinkit offers 10-min delivery and delivers promptly. It also guarantees authentic products and a full replacement policy. Its UI/UX is comparable to Swiggy Instamart, and it also regularly releases Blinkit coupons and promotions, just like SI. Along with home appliances, Blinkit now offers smartwatches, chargers, headphones, lighting options, grooming products, batteries, electrical accessories, and more.

Dunzo Daily 

Dunzo Daily provides meat, fish, groceries, prescription drugs, and other necessities. Additionally, Dunzo offers a pickup and drop service for documents, couriers, packages, etc. This Reliance-backed startup is also developing drone delivery, automated order processing, and additional dark store settings. Its distinctive feature is that, in addition to having its own inventory, it has partnerships with retail general shops to meet clients' grocer needs (thanks to our Dimer naman7075 for knowledge). Here are the most recent Dunzo coupons! 

BigBasket's BB Now

Additionally, Big Basket—now a Tata Enterprise—has launched its BB Now Instant Grocery Delivery service. It is available directly within the Big Basket app. Delivery is promised in 15 to 30 minutes, but if that doesn't work out, there's a 5% cashback guarantee, subject to certain terms and conditions like heavy traffic, busy hours, undesired problems, etc. We appreciate our Dimer worldindia2000 for recommending this application.

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