Popular Authentic Drinks of India & Why They are Famous

Authentic drinks of India are presented in this article consumed on different occasions like tea, jaljeera, thandai, coffee, buttermilk and others

Popular Authentic Drinks of India & Why They are Famous

Popular Authentic Drinks of India & Why They are Famous  

India has a vast taste in cultured food and beverages where you get diversity. In Indian drinks, you get a touch of homemade love as the recipes are simple and healthy. Apart from this, foreigners also come to India to taste authentic Indian drinks. As you know, India has many faces in the season. And every season has its popular drink like in summers people want Lassi, Falooda and others. Moreover, in winter people prefer Chai, Kada etc. 

"Without any further delay, let's introduce Popular Authentic Drinks of India." Here are some popular drinks you can try and surely love. 

  • Chai 


The most loved and consumed drink in India. Every part of India is addicted to chai, and it is made up of milk, tea and others. Also, people believe it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, chai helps to lower the fever like a home remedy and helps with cough or cold. There is a wide variety of flavoured chai, such as Rose Tea, Pan Tea and others.  

  • Thandai 


Thandai is also a milk beverage in which you get a taste of different dry fruits. And Thandai is sweet and cold in taste. Thandai is a paste of dry fruits, spices, seeds, and nuts, and then this paste is mixed with Kesar milk. Mainly on the occasion of the Holi festival, this drink is consumed and celebrated with others. 

  • Lassi 


Punjabis highly consume Lassi as it is made up of traditional homemade curd. Curd is a rich source of calcium, vitamin and protein. This healthy drink is a must have with parathas for breakfast. Also, people have Lassi according to their taste; some people love sweet Lassi, and some will have it with mint, jeera, salt and others. 

  • Jaljeera 


This drink is fantastic and refreshes your mood. It tastes like a Mojito, sweet and tangy. According to Indians, jaljeera helps to reduce bloating, and it preserves your electrolyte balance. This drink is a mixture of mint, cumin, black salt and water. Also, there are many benefits of jaljeera, such as treating anaemia, helping with menstrual cramps, improving digestion and others. 

  • Falooda


Falooda is a kind of desert which is a thick drink filled with lots of dry fruits and tutty fruity. People prefer this drink while walking in the streets and after meals. This drink is made up of Authentic rabdi and mixed with sharbat in its ice cream dry fruits. Falooda is sweet in taste and a healthy drink. 

  • Coffee 


Coffee is the 2nd highly consumed drink in India, and it is the best friend for people who work long hours. Coffee also helps to prevent stress and tiredness. Moreover, coffee has wide varieties such as Robusta, Liberica and others.  


We hope you get all the necessary information regarding Indian beverages.

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